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Version History

  • Use proper paragraphs - ENTER_BR is no longer the default (Cannot resolve work item macro, invalid id.)


  • Updated CKEditor to version 3.6
  • ICKEditorConfigProvider interface added for modifying configuration
  • Added settings for Extra Plugins and Clear Default Style Sets to support stylesheetparser (and other plugins)


  • Correctly handle empty Contents CSS by suppressing contentsCss from config output


  • CKEditor settings section in Dashboard; Contents CSS is the only setting thus far (but which now allows for multiple files)
  • Cleaned up project references avoiding Orchard 1.0.20 binaries getting distributed in package
  • Moved all ckeditor scripts into ~/Scripts/ckeditor; so integration plugins can go outside of ckeditor folders making ckeditor version update easier in the future; also could end up adding ~/Scripts/ckfinder if it looks like a good idea to add that as an optional feature


  • Site.css from your site theme now gets used in CKEditor_Config for the contentsCss setting; meaning proper WYSIWYG editing with the same styles as your front end


  • Included some files from CKEditor 3.5.3 in the project and therefore package that were previously omitted
  • Removed _source and _samples folders from project to reduce package size. You can delete the CKEditor folder and reinstall if you want to clean up your website files.


  • Fixed missing shape error in package due to project file changes not being saved


  • Improved configuration mechanic using CKEditor_Config shape (CKEditor.Config.cshtml)


  • Updated CKEditor to version 3.5.3


  • Fixed error with Return key


  • Original version including CKEditor 3.5

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