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CKEditor for Orchard 1.0.9 (CKEditor 3.6)

May 26, 2011 at 10:30 PM

A new release today, this updates CKEditor to the latest 3.6. This great new version brings along a new plugin called "stylesheetparser". This will load whichever *.css file(s) you specified for the contentsCss config option; and automatically populate the "Styles" drop-down menu with any classes it finds in the *.css file. So it's pretty fortunate that we already had a had an option for contentsCss in the Dashboard settings! This release adds an "Extra Plugins" setting to enable any CKEditor plugins that are not enabled by default (and there are quite a few, it's well worth having a dig to see what's there...) There's also a switch to clear the default style set. These settings will be enabled by default on a new installation of the module, but there seems to be a problem with Data Migrations that prevents the default settings working on an upgrade. I raised a workitem here:

Because I plan to add quite a lot more configuration options over the next few releases, I made an easy way to do just that - we now have an ICKEditorConfigProvider interface which you can use to populate and alter the config dictionary. So it's even easier to customize CKEditor in your own modules and themes, without having to modify templates. The next stage will be to add hooks for the plugins system, so you'll be able to package whole CKEditor plugins up in an Orchard module.

You can check out other new features of CKEditor 3.6 over at the CKSource website: