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Project Description
Adds CKEditor 3.6.2 to your Orchard CMS website for HTML editing.
See Configuration for documentation on customizing CKEditor. We are working towards complete configuration from the Dashboard, and full integration with Orchard's Media Picker (in 1.1) as well as a Link Browser. See Roadmap for more detail.
For Orchard version 1.1+.

Latest: - CKEditor 3.6.2 (HTML5, iOS 5) and standards compliant paragraphs.

Upgrade Notes

Please note when you upgrade the CKEditor module, files like config.js and ckeditor.js will be overwritten. We are in the process of providing non-intrusive ways to completely reconfigure CKEditor, so you , you will need to back up those changes before upgrading, because the config.js file will get overwritten during the upgrade. See the documentation on Configuration for best practices when customising CKEditor for Orchard.

Instructions for use

You can install the module through the Gallery interface in the Orchard Dashboard.
You'll also need to disable the default TinyMCE module to ensure the CKEditor takes precedence.
When you edit Pages or Html Fields, you'll now get the CKEditor instead of TinyMCE.

Theme Styles

The latest release will find the Site.css from your current theme and use that within the editor window, giving you proper WYSIWYG editing with the same styles as your front end. In Orchard Dashboard there's now a CKEditor settings page where you can change the stylesheet(s) that get referenced (or leave it blank to suppress the setting).

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